10 Reasons Why Biden Lost Big

No, Biden seriously lost. Not even close, you guys. Here are my thoughts why… 

This is the image that will be in people’s minds of the VP debates.

  1. Biden actually argued that we “don’t need to worry” about Iran. Why? Because they don’t have a weapon yet. Ryan’s position: do not let Iran get a nuke.
  2. Biden’s Middle East position, “We’re getting out in 2014. Period.” Ryan wants to make sure our gains are not in vain. Military agrees with Ryan, not Biden.
  3. Biden interrupted unlike any presidential debate I’ve seen in my lifetime. Like, ever. I was embarrassed.
  4. Biden smirked at every point Ryan made. Most people will let a few go, but Biden’s was every single point.
  5. Biden specifically called out “the republicans” and Palin, alienating nearly half the electorate. Bad move. Ryan never once grouped entire voting classes together, which is exactly what both candidates needed to do.
  6. Biden got one laughter from the audience, and it was an ad hominem (“Oh, you’re Jack Kennedy now?). Ryan got three, and they were genuinely funny, one in a response to the 47% illegally-obtained video of Romney. Ryan made Biden’s gaffes the rebuttal.
  7. Biden drilled down too deeply in numbers; it was confusing and suspicious. Ryan rhetorically brought light to several jumbled topics. “This can get a little confusing let me explain,” which is a great debate technique.
  8. Biden was straight up on his views on Abortion. That’s good; if you’re pro-life, vote for Ryan. Paul Ryan’s story of Bean was precious and heartwarming. Go women’s vote.
  9. Biden’s verbals were just as bad as non-verbals. “Malarke”? Ryan was cool and collected. A bit overly polite, actually, but he didn’t lose it.
  10. Biden contradicted the State Department’s findings about intelligence reports from Libya, then used intelligence reports as a defense for making original claims. That’ll be all over the news tomorrow.

Ryan won on the debate, but his campaign won overall. Romney and Ryan are ahead in the polls, and Ryan needed to keep that momentum going. He did that quite well. He didn’t need to out-perform Romney’s debate from last week. Essentially, Ryan’s main goal was to not lose. 

Biden lost because he needed to win, and win big. Obama got clocked last week. Biden overplayed his cards and tried to appease the base, not independents. Obama got a significant number of Republicans in 2008, but they are less likely to vote for him now. Biden’s main goal was to win. He clearly lost.

Question: What do you think? I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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  • Sheila Mom to Seven

    I felt like Biden was a bully (lots of hollering and pointing), not just to Ryan, but also to the moderator (who, btw, did a MUCH better job than last week’s moderator).

  • Ryan Parke

    Encouraging article, but I beg to differ. What Ryan lacked was direct refutation. Biden (whom I disagree with politically) did a great job of making convincing arguments against almost every point Ryan raised. Ryan had his moments, but for the most part stuck to “safe” generalities. Most of what he said would have been great at a Republican convention, but what he needed to do was blow Bidens points out of the water. He didn’t. Oh, and when the moderator asks you what you would say to a military vet who is upset about the tone of the debate, don’t use your response to attack Obamas record for the 32nd time. I’m surprised no one on the news has made a fuss about that yet.
    Fortunately for us Biden was obnoxious, rude, and according to the latest CNN poll, ranks just below Ryan in terms of who won the debate. Even liberal news media admits that Biden’s debate personality left much to be desired. But he made his points persuasively, coming across as an individual who genuinely cares about the middle class. Ryan looked exactly like the politician Biden and Obama tried to paint him as.

  • Janet

    Most reports state that Biden won.

  • DavidS

    I don’t understand why we place importance on this debate or Vice presidents in general. They are essentially what a first lady is too a presidential campaign/administration. They do not set policy, they don’t even influence it. They travel around making speeches and trying not to say stupid things. A president’s cabinet has much higher levels of influence.

    Often, VP’s are picked to attract a segment of voters, in the scenario where the presidential candidate cannot attract them due to a dissonance with beliefs they hold dear.

    Yes, if the president dies, they’ll take over. That happens a lot! Yes, they do get a vote in Congress…big deal.

    • Eh, I’m not so cynical. VP has influence in energy policy, and the tie breaking senate vote can mean a lot this next term, especially with repealing Obamacare.

  • David Kumbera

    Ryan got it right, had Biden acted like an adult (insted of like me) it would have been a rout in spite of all his misrepresentations.

  • Cindy Holcomb

    This was the first debate my 13 year old L/D student, Jake, watched and the first time I watched a debate while following along on social media. It was a great experience being able to watch the twitter feed with your observations. What was a surprise to me was that Jake caught several of the things you or others tweeted about. While he didn’t understand all the politics, we were able to discuss what should/should not be done during a debate. Thank you for this teaching opportunity and we will watch the next two debates with you and hopefully win a resource!!

    • Yeah, Tweeting the event was a lot of fun, and we were able to bring in several other voices that we would have never been able to include on a live blog. I think it’s a winning platform!

  • I think the best we can get out of the press on this is a draw. The scary thing is without the visuals of Biden being, as one CNN focus group member put it a “buffoon”, it could have easily been widely reported as a Biden win? It was really hard for Ryan because what he was doing was building an argument and then closing strong but it seemed most of the time just as he was about to bring everything into focus and make a strong point in closing then either Biden or Raddatz cut him off, I think several of his best points probably never got made.

    On substance I think Romney and Ryan are both struggling at times in really making the strongest conservative arguments possible, but I think the campaign has gone to the middle because they know they have to have a strong showing with independents. Although I think this will turn out to be a base election but that is for another post. Overall the biggest take aways are as follows:

    Ryan showed that he is serious and well rounded and capable of being president.

    Biden… well he is Joe Biden just as Huckabee put it “the obnoxious loud drunk you are trying to getting away from at a dinner party”; although I might give him just a little bit more credit than that but not much.

    • Ryan 2020-2028. The next 16 years are locked up!
      Good to hear from you, David.

  • Susan

    Reason 8 – I am very angry that Romney/Ryan are even talking about abortion. They are going to lose this election because of this. If they hadn’t had discussed making abortion illegal, they would have won this thing. Right or wrong, the majority of women in this country want the option of abortion.

    No one that wants to make abortion illegal will ever discuss how they are going to deal with the chaos that is going to occur once abortion becomes illegal. No one wants to discuss that women will end up trying to do it themselves in their bathrooms.
    Their stance should be that it’s an awful thing. We should do everything to prevent it but it when it happens, it will happen safely and legally.
    Abortion is a very private situation. No one but the people in the situation should be involved in it. The woman, the father and medical personnel are those people.
    I resent that religious views could be making laws. I am not a Catholic. I’m an American.

    • Susan

      Romney said he was going to get rid of Obamacare because he doesn’t think the government should be involved in our health. Okay. I accept that and could support it in my private life. I have great insurance, although very expensive. My family is all set if something medical happens. I worry about the uninsured but putting that aside for this.
      Why is it okay for the government to be involved in whether or not a woman has an abortion? Making abortions (a medical procedure) illegal is the government getting involved in our health.
      I don’t understand this. If anyone here can explain, I’m listening.

    • Hmm, well, Ryan was asked the question, so he had to answer. Personally, I thought Ryan did a fabulous job explaining his position. Biden’s answer, “Yes, Catholics believe in defending the defenseless…but I won’t defend the defenseless,” was not only a weak answer, but it is a reprehensible policy position.

  • Michelle Robinson

    The ten reasons pretty much sum up why I think Biden lost. The way he interrupted by laughing every time Ryan made a point was ridiculous! the way he presented himself last night was the was I would suspect I novice debater desperate to win a round!

    • You’re right, it was “novice.” I think folks expected better, so he was a disappointment. People weren’t expecting much from Ryan, and he performed well nonetheless.

      • Michelle Robinson

        I re-watched it today with my friend. we couldn’t believe how different they presented themselves then in a debate round! Ryan preformed very well, (I to may be bias) unlike some Debaters I’ve actually seen in Debate! I can’t believe how much my debate league has helped me realize the flaws. before starting debate, I would have probably have thought nothing of it the debate and would have probably just thought that both people were boring and lame! 🙂

        • “I can’t believe how much my debate league has helped me realize the flaws. Before starting debate, I would have probably thought nothing of it.”

          You have no idea how pleased this makes me feel. You have “trained your mind for action” (1 Peter 1:13) and are able to step forward in truth. So many people do not give such important matters much thought.

  • I thought Biden was very unprofessional,especially for a VP.He wouldn’t have fared well in ANY debate.He doesn’t even know basic debating points.Instead of behaving professionally and debating the issues,he appeared to take everything personally,and you never EVER make such gaffs,fake laughs and faces.That was just plain WEIRD! I think he got what he asked for.And not just because I agreed with Ryan.Not at all.biden was truly pathetic.