10 Ways We’ve Exceeded Expectations

I’ll be honest: I have my competitors. There are some decent sourcebook materials on the market and plenty of teaching material in the public school arena, but you should stick with Monument Publishing. I have 10 reasons why.



  1. Longevity. We have been serving the homeschool speech and debate market since 1998. No one other than Christy Shipe can claim such longevity (she founded the league with HSDLA). All that to say: we’ve developed quite the process to making sure you get the best materials for your preparation.
  2. Experience. I’m very proud of the experience of my coaches and writers. Virtually all of them have tasted top-notch success (many are national title winners), but nearly all of them have continued into adulthood as coaches themselves. Check out the list here.
  3. Quality. We are a professional publisher who ships resources out of IEW in Oklahoma. Our shipping is handled with the greatest care and the printing is done with the same printers from the Institute of Excellence in Writing. (And I can’t wait till you see the new glossy covers from our sourcebooks!)
  4. Diversification. No other publisher publishes exclusively and inclusively for every single speech and debate event for both NCFCA and Stoa leagues. We both specialize and individualize with our materials. We have something for everyone.
  5. Technology. We don’t just print on paper and send off to you. We have a top-notch downloading system that provides you safe and secure digital addenda to prepare you for your studies. Every single one of our sourcebooks come with digital download to accompany your print edition. No other competitor provides both to its customers.
  6. Integrated Curriculum. We don’t just publish student material, we publish teacher’s curriculum, too. And the curriculum is integrated with the student literature. We even have the class handouts FREE (see here).
  7. Proofreading. Students need to be delivered evidence of the topmost integrity, and our editing team is diligent about making sure our sourcebooks clear the topmost editing guidelines.
  8. YouTube Thumb Through. Just to be sure our sourcebooks are for you, thumb through with me on our YouTube videos. I page through the books and explain exactly what you’ll get. They are on each of the sourcebook pages.
  9. No Risk / Money Back Guarantee. All our products come 100% refundable and exchangeable. If you return us the merchandise within 30 days, we’ll refund with no hassle whatsoever. Refunds and exchanges are part of our business, and you can read up on it here.
  10. First to Market. All our materials have been out since August 1, ahead of the pack and ready for our camps and first-time buyers. Your friends probably already have their material. What’s taking you?

I sure hope you get your materials in time for competition this fall. You should be cracking the sourcebooks open and studying up on the years’ resolutions. Let me know if you have questions. See you at Nationals!

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