10 Simple Ideas for a Lemonade Stand

I brought two of my daughters into Monument (we live a couple miles out) to sell freshly squeezed lemonade. Parents, be sure to do this with you kids. I was reminded of why this is so awesome.

Every child should do a lemonade stand at some point in their childhood.

Every child should do a lemonade stand at some point in their childhood.

We were given four boxes of lemons from friends in California, so we decided to make freshly squeezed lemonade for people traveling by. We had a blast, and the girls made $41 in just an hour! Here are 10 things we did that made it so successful.

  1. Sturdy Table. Get a fold out table and wrap it with cheap freezer paper (pictured). I suppose a table cloth would do, but I was going to draw a sign on the paper. I didn’t get to that, but a drapery I think is necessary.
  2. Waving Sign. Make a sign with cardboard paper. I didn’t have one, but I wrapped some of the freezer paper around a standard piece of cardboard. I used dry erase markers for the sign Havilah is holding up.
  3. Use Fresh Lemonade. I suppose you could use Kool Aid, but it means a lot if you can manage to get the fresh lemons and squeeze them yourself. Add this to the sign because people really appreciate fresh!
  4. Display. Make a basket of lemons to display. If you have extras, sell them for $.50 each, too!
  5. Pack an Ice Chest. When the sun comes out, that’s when people want ice cold lemonade. Keep an extra stash of lemonade in the cooler to keep the cups you’re selling nice and cold.
  6. Shout It Out. Teach the kids to wave the sign around and yell, “Freshly squeezed lemonade! Fifty cents!”
  7. Dress Up. Have the kids dress up in cute clothes. The kids got a ton of smiles, and I could tell it was difficult for people to pass them up.
  8. Wave at Cars. Wave at cars, smile, and make eye contact if possible.
  9. Think About How the Customer Can Stop. Point the sign down the road to give passerbys time to decide to pull over. Place the table close to a stop sign or an area where it is easy for cars to pull over.
  10. Salesmanship. Guide the kids in how to address the customers. I showed the girls how to ask how many cups they’d like and to always say thank you. It was a great lesson on how to sell to others.

I had forgotten how awesome lemonade stands are. I’m not sure who had more fun: me or the kids. I could see how much joy they were having, and they were a sight to see. I could tell people really enjoyed pulling over and buying a cup of lemonade from the girls.

Do this with your kids!

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  • Sarah F.

    We do lemonade stands quite a bit. We usually add fresh baked cookies and muffins too. Quite often the cookies and muffins sell twice as fast as the lemonade and they attract more people, especially in the morning around breakfast time.