20 Pictures That Show What I Am Thankful For

I woke up this morning with an idea: Scroll through last year’s pictures and highlight what I’m thankful for. I chose my favorite 20 pictures and posted them here. But you know what?

I’m humbled at the tremendous blessings in my life. Why am I not thankful everyday of the year?

I’m serious. Are you like me where you can get frustrated, depressed, angry at the nuances in daily life that drag things down? After clicking through the hundreds of photos I took this last year, I’m thinking I’m the most blessed man on the planet.

I believe you, too, are most richly blessed. Enjoy your day of Thanksgiving, my friend, and enjoy these pictures… 

For a family that works together

For healthshare that comes through

For the tools needed to prosper

For a family business that provides

For awesome kids who know they’re awesome

For training young minds for action

For great coaches and partners in business

For a family who loves God

For a supportive and loving wife

For a fantastic debate club

For old friends

For new friends

For the opportunity to run the LARGEST tournament in history

For beautiful daughters

For adventurous sons

For a strong work ethic

For a beautiful backyard

For an awesome family



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  • What A blessing, Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

    • Thanks Andrea…God bless your day with your beautiful family!

  • what blessings! happy thanksgiving, chris! thanks for the investment you made in my child – your work is appreciated greatly!

    • Thanks Alice! You are a blessing to so many, too. God has been good to us!

  • JDK

    Don’t forget your grandkids!