This Community Changes Lives

The last few days of discussion have been remarkable. A family life has changed, definitely for the better. Andrea and Adam – parents of six children on food stamps for 16 years – are running with a ton of new hope and optimism. There are several reasons why this story was remarkable.

My Ideas for Andrea and Adam

Other than the kind exchange of emails these past few days, I do not know Adam and Andrea from – er, Adam. I suspect we will become friends, but for now I want to make a very strong point to you – the reader – who perhaps doubt my ambition to free people from government assistance. With the will to get off government assistance, there is a way. And it’s easier than some may think. I’m sure when I got to know Adam and Andrea better, we’ll come up with more and better ideas. For now, I am going off a few emails, and the ingenuity should grow from there.


My recent article Government Assistance Sucks was meant to make people think. I honestly believe a nation that values self-reliance is a nation where everyone prospers. The article’s thesis – though true – offended some. It struck home to others.

The Innovation of a Bash

It’s true we live in economic depressed times. Your circumstances may be very troublesome. But you know what? There may be an alternative within the struggle that may at first sound like a wacky idea. Entertain that idea for a while, play it out in conversation and in your mind, seriously consider it. It may just be a Birthday Bash of an idea that will be a huge blessing.