I spent the last two days in Oklahoma with the Institute for the Excellence in Writing people. Their approach to writing is very similar to my approach to speech and debate. They’re some of the most focused and caring people I’ve known. I am excited for our growing business relationship.

Testimonies Say It All

I’m in Tulsa right now making arrangements for one of our training camps. I’m away from my family, the weather is questionable, and I’d rather be home. But you know what? I love this work, primarily because of the testimonies below.

Striving to get smarter, better and faster helps us create our future. The risk is that merely collecting, trading and discussing the tools turns into the point.

Seth Godin Blog Feb. 23, 2013

Unconditional Love

Love one another; that’s what we should do. Love love love till it makes you sick, then love more. That’s what will bring joy into the lives of others and will overflow into the world around them. Love has been called “the most excellent way,” and I couldn’t agree more.