The A-B-Cs of 3,930 Pages of NEW Content

If you have your foot in the speech and debate world — Stoa, NCFCA, and NFL included — you’re bound to be served in some capacity from Monument Publishing. We’ve been producing resources for this audience since 1998, the longest in the homeschool market, and we are stronger than we ever have been.

Not JUST Speech and Debate

One of my coaches is a former student of mine, all grown up now and doing some remarkable things in the journalistic world. He introduced himself last night as “just” a coach. No, Jesse, you are doing much more than that, which is the point of it all.

The Jeub Monster Download

I have a download for you, a real “monster” download. I call it the Jeub Monster Download, and you get it free with your subscription to my blog. This is a big give-away, and I have my reasons for being so generous. Perhaps it seems awkward to tie my personal blog to the Jeub Monster […]

Hang In There When Your Story Unfolds

My family just heard devastating news of some friends losing their 17-year-old daughter to a flash flood in Colorado Springs. We’re in shock — and the news of it all is still unfolding — but it resurrected a thought I had wanted to share for some time now. It has to do with any kind of shocking story that hits us.