Wrecking Biebs

I may be the only 40-something Christian parent who thinks Justin Bieber is worth believing in. Even after his Lamborghini/DUI scandal. Hear me out on this, else we might as well throw our youth to the wolves.

Now this is how the arguments for life will persuade people to the pro-life position. Notice how Lila shapes every attempt to marginalize her position back to the more convincing, compassionate respect for human life. While the president of NARAL made only arguments that her pro-choice community would accept, Lila made appeals that only the coarsest person would deny.

Watch for yourself. I believe this is perhaps the most convincing pro-life debate I’ve ever seen.

I’m pleased to be joining a hundred speakers and debaters and about a dozen other coaches to “train minds for action” at the Texas Training Minds Camp.

Date: July 22, 2014—July 26, 2014
Event: Texas Training Minds Camp
Topic: Texas Training Minds Camp
Sponsor: Speak Out North Texas (SONT)
Venue: Legacy of Christ Church
Location: North Richland Hills, TX
Public: Public
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