Noah seems to be the perfect opportunity to show the Bible as much deeper than the childish Sunday-school interpretations that are thrown at us as “biblical.” I’m looking forward to this.

But the Cold Does Bother Me

Christian friends are telling me Frozen is an evil movie. I saw it — I gave an honest effort to discover the devil in the details — but instead discovered a most profound truth embedded in Disney’s story, one that every Christian can (or should) identify with.

I will be joining two title-winning coaches, Matthew Erickson and Cheyenne Ossen, at CCU to train a group of Lincoln-Douglas debaters for next year’s competition.

Date: July 27, 2014—July 30, 2014
Event: Lincoln-Douglas Camp in Colorado
Topic: Lincoln Douglas Camp in Colorado
Sponsor: Training Minds Ministry
Venue: Colorado Christian University
Location: Lakewood, CO
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.

Plan Ahead for Camp

I have two camp registrations opening at noon. The camps aren’t till May and July, but they’re significant steps for students who want to finish the year off strong and start the next year even stronger. The testimonies prove it…