Australian Pronunciations

Wendy and I took another excursion to somewhere else in Australia: Toowoomba (pronounced twoomba to locals), and we’re starting to get a hang of the accent of the land (pronounced lyaaand to locals). I can imagine a kindergarten spelling bee in Australia. You’d think this was easy. Which is the INCORRECT spelling of “bin”?

It will be difficult to beat this picture, the best so far of our trip to beautiful Australia. This was taken at sunrise, approximately 7:45 a.m. (iPhone 6, no enhancements, panorama shot)

Blessings in Port Campbell

The city of Melbourne is like New York. If you get bored, there’s something wrong with you. But this is the metropolis, something out of the character of Wendy and me, so we were looking forward to breaking out into the country of Australia. We arrived last night, and several blessings have come about that we […]