Comparison Sheet of the Three Main Speech and Debate Leagues

I know, the year has barely begun, but I’m already planning ahead for next year. I updated this important spreadsheet comparing NSDA, NCFCA and Stoa leagues. You may download a PDF or access the live document here. Enjoy!

A Teenage Mother of a Crisis Pregnancy

Listen to Wendy's reminder of life and love 32 years after her teenage pregnancy

If you have ever encounter a “crisis” pregnancy – as a young girl, as her boyfriend, or as a friend or relative who cares — you will find Wendy’s testimony very encouraging. She gave this speech at the annual fundraising banquet for the pregnancy center that counseled her 32 years ago.

14 and Pregnant

Wendy Jeub's story of her experience with the Pine City Pregnancy Resource Center

Here’s trial for a 14 year old girl: Getting pregnant in a small midwestern town where everyone knew everyone. That’s Wendy’s story, and she’ll be sharing it tonight in her hometown.

Happy 50th Anniversary

Some pictures from the celebration, plus my favorite

My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary yesterday. About a hundred guests showed up to celebrate their monumental date, most of them relatives. This picture is by far my favorite:

Yet Another Selfie

This is going to annoy my friend, but I can't help but post another selfie

My friend knows my trials, so he thinks my selfies are fake. But no one ever claimed we always happy, always smiling, always cheesy. We all claim the exact opposite.

Free Silver Book Worksheets

No strings attached. It's just free, and I have good reasons.

For a limited time, I’m giving away the 2015 Silver Book Worksheets for free. No obligation, no strings attached, no “gimme all your information so I can bug you later” gimmicks. Just. Plain. Free. And here is the link to your ABSOLUTELY FREE download. But if you really want to know why I’m giving this resource […]