5 Reasons for FREE 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways

I’m already on the third day of my 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway at Monument Publishing. I apologize for not letting you know sooner. I have a very specific goal in mind for this campaign, and you will be interested in how this affects you.

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Here’s the “deal,” though it technically is not a sale. The Monument Publishing 12 Days of Christmas is a “giveaway.” I’m launching 12 free items specifically tailored to the Monument Publishing audience. So, speakers and debaters — or even homeschoolers with a subtle interest in the “homeschool sport,” as I like to call it — have nothing to lose in any of these free items.

All of them are valuable, but some of them are absolute no-brainers…

Day 1 we sent out free Training Minds Sticky Notes. We’ll have other freebie physical items in the 12 days where you will be asked to cover shipping, but Day 1 I waived and and mailed out 46 sticky notes to those who redeemed. Day 2 (yesterday) we gave away an entire sourcebook, a whopping $30 value. The Bronze Book contains 16 expositions written by speech champions, and the entire book was downloaded by 76 customers.

Those two deals are gone now, sorry. I’m only giving these away on the day they are available.

Today, team-policy debaters are going to eat up. It is a free debate brief from a larger $25 product that releases very soon, the Midseason Blue. If you want to take a peak into what it’s like to debate team-policy, download the “Generic Brief: Terrorism Is Not a Significant Threat.” It’s not that the author (Vance Trefethen) or I actually believe terrorism isn’t a threat, but the brief’s purpose is to give an answer to opponents who make that claim. Read through the brief and you’ll see what I mean.

There are approximately 3000 homeschool team-policy debaters in both NCFCA and Stoa. They deserve to lose their next tournament if they don’t download this free brief. It’s free only for today!

The cool thing about the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway is that is helps spread the word about speech and debate. Go ahead and redeem the free resources, but you will appreciate the deeper reasons I’m doing this for you:

  1. Easy Entry. I sell a lot of great resources, but my customers are people already “sold” on speech and debate. You may not be. Well, now is your chance to get a feel for what it’s like. It is all free!
  2. Blog Connection. To be notified of the daily giveaways, you need to subscribe to the Monument Publishing blog. I don’t blog daily regularly, but I do announce other deals as they come up. I hope you will stay subscribed after the sale, but unsubscribing is always an option for you.
  3. Extension Coupons. Every free resource or download comes with an extension coupon of some sort. Today’s free debate brief, for example, comes with a $5 coupon for the greater Midseason Supplement. All our extension coupons are good through December 19, the last day of the giveaway campaign.
  4. Community Sharing. Blog posts are super-easy to share. I hope my speech and debate power users share these freebies with their friends who wouldn’t mind joining this awesome community of academic speakers and debaters.
  5. The Spirit of Giving. I’m having a blast packaging free items. I own a ton of great content! Though I need to develop pricing strategies to make a living at this, I love giving top-quality value to those people who appreciate it.

I’m sure you see the value in the 12 Days of Christmas. Even if you’re not into into speech and debate, subscribe to the Monument Publishing Blog to keep posted on the remaining 3/4 of the giveaway. You have absolutely nothing to lose and at least 9 more items to receive.

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