7 Major Upgrades for Competitors

You're going to love our new upgrades to MonumentMembers.com

I work with a team of writers who are spending their summer creating the best source material for speech and debate competitors. I believe there is no better preparation for 2017-2018 competition than the new MonumentMembers.com website.

Last year was our first attempt to provide a dynamic membership to our people. Generally speaking, competitors loved the weekly updates and thorough analysis from Monument Publishing source material.

But we had our bumps in the road. So, I have been working diligently with a number of key developers who have helped bring MonumentMembers.com to the next level! Several upgrades were made from last season to this season, and this list attempts to give speakers and debaters, coaches, and clubs a better understanding of the significant value the new Monument Membership for Season 18.

  1. ALL Members receive access to ALL events. No individual memberships are needed. Once you’re a member, you have access to ALL member content.
  2. We have added another debate format to our brief writing. In summary, we support:
    • Policy Debate = Covers NSDA (through the summer), NCFCA and Stoa resolutions.
    • Lincoln-Douglas = Covers NSDA, NCFCA and Stoa resolutions all year long.
    • NEW! Public Forum = Covers NSDA resolutions as they release, all year long.
  3. We have added two limited-preparation events this year. In summary, we support:
    • NEW! Extemp = Gives a short analysis of a popular news item, then one page of a sample tournament of questions for the competitor to practice.
    • Apologetics = Gives a thorough analysis of one of the apologetics questions for both NCFCA and Stoa, plus a worksheet to study.
    • NEW! Parliamentary = Gives a short analysis of a resolution to be debated, then one page of a sample tournament of resolutions for the competitor to practice.
  4. Our writing team has increased in number and credibility, several national contenders added to our list. View our Season 18 writing team at MonumentMembers.com/about/our-team.
  5. MonumentMembers.com is a totally different site than its parent site (where it was hosted last year). A new login and purchase is required for all members. Site speed and bandwidth has been significantly increased.
  6. NEW FEATURE! Members are able to view the editorial schedule in advance at MonumentMembers.com/about/schedule. This feature is viewable by everyone through the summer.
  7. Monthly subscriptions of $12/month have been dropped and sign-up fees are no longer required. The yearly membership is a one-time fee of $99.

NOTE on Point #7: We are offering the membership for 40% off through August 31! Take full advantage of all-of-the-above for only $59. Join today: MonumentMembers.com/join.