Module 4: Transformation

Have you been keeping up with my free course PERSUADE? Video #4 “Transformation” released this morning, and I explain how persuasion (you know, the thing that you learn in speech and debate?) helps you in life.


  1. You will make more money.
  2. You will have deeper relationships.
  3. You will be more fulfilled.

This is the LAST video, well worth 30 minutes of your time, and it is going away this week. Don’t procrastinate:

Watch “Video #4: Transformation”

Two more important things…

First, I’m giving away a FREE hardcopy of Scott Adam’s book on persuasion, “Win Bigly: Persuading in a World Where Facts Don’t Matter.” All you need to do is comment on one of the four video releases, and you’re in to win!

Second, I have the fuller Training Minds University registration open, and I’m keeping it open for one week only. After the 19th, I’m closing it up and focusing on the 12 weeks of higher-level speaking skills for the master persuaders in the class.

Complete information is in today’s video, along with the valuable FREE lesson on how persuasion will transform your life. Don’t miss this while it’s free!

Watch “Video #4: Transformation”

See you in class!

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