A Relaxing Start

As somewhat of a joke, I downloaded this Google image of an ocean beach and posted it on my Facebook Page with the message, “What do you say, Wendy? If we leave now, we can be to the beach by tomorrow!” The joke became reality! Let me explain.

Laguna Hills - alcove for a nap

Close friends and relatives knew we were planning to come to Australia, but we hadn’t made the official announcement online. We had plans to stay at our friend’s home in Laguna Hills the day before flying out for the 16 hour trip across the Pacific Ocean.

Our friends saw my witty post and knew exactly where to take Wendy and me to breakfast. Laguna Beach! Check out the two views, one the postcard, the other from our breakfast:

coastline-view-of-main Laguna Beach

My camera isn’t as nice as the post card guy, but still, Wendy and I were totally impressed.

It was too bad we were staying only for the day, but it became one of the most restful, most relaxing days of our lives. Our friends returned to work and home, and Wendy and I walked the beach for the late morning and early afternoon. It was beautiful and enriching. We climbed rocks, swam as much as we could (well, I did), and we found a small cove to take a nap in the shade. The picture above is my favorite, when Wendy took a power nap under a shaded cove.

Wendy and I are in Australia now, and I plan to post more about it. But this short rendezvous in Laguna Hills was something I needed to get out as soon as possible.

Why? Because I want to emphasize that God is looking out for us. Our day’s stay in southern California was exactly what we needed before making the trek to the other side of the world.

More on that tomorrow. Keep in touch for more news: here’s how.