A Teenage Mother of a Crisis Pregnancy

Listen to Wendy's reminder of life and love 32 years after her teenage pregnancy

If you have ever encounter a “crisis” pregnancy – as a young girl, as her boyfriend, or as a friend or relative who cares — you will find Wendy’s testimony very encouraging. She gave this speech at the annual fundraising banquet for the pregnancy center that counseled her 32 years ago.

Wendy with one of her "crisis" pregnancies, her daughter Alissa.

My wife, Wendy, with one of her “crisis” pregnancies, our daughter Alissa.

I bet you don’t like to focus on crisis situations. If anyone would rather forget about trials and dysfunction of the past, it’s Wendy. It is one of her greatest strengths, a relentless optimism to move on and accept life’s journey.

So sharing her story of a most dysfunctional childhood and two teenage pregnancies is not nearly as easy as sharing her current life of mother of 16 children, the more optimistic story of Love in the House.

But this is where she is most encouraging: sharing her story before, during and after her crisis. This is the same for all of us, isn’t it? We have trials of crisis hit us, largely a reflection of the path we were on. If we are fortunate enough to have the counsel of compassion from those around us — and they are there, just as Wendy shares — we come out transformed, walking the path God has in mind.

Wendy’s crisis pregnancy is an inspiring story of real life and genuine love. It may drudge up pain and dysfunction she would rather forget, but to everyone looking in — especially those experiencing similar circumstances — Wendy’s testimony is extremely encouraging.

Wendy shared with me that she would like to speak more about her story. Personally, I hope this leads to more opportunities to do so. Enjoy the keynote speech given at the Pine City Pregnancy Resource Center 35th Anniversary Fundraising Banquet:

or Download the MP3.

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  • Heather Carter

    Wendy, I loved this. Thank you for the reminder that our children need to be reminded that they are loved. You are right, they likely do wonder. I remember wondering when I was a child and teen, too. <3 When they say God works in them most mysterious ways, it's true. Thanks for sharing your testimony!

  • Annie Lund

    Great job, Wendy! 😀

  • Robin Douglas

    What a beautiful presentation, Wendy. This must have been a huge encouragement to the volunteers and donors at the center. Thank you for sharing your story!