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I am an educator and entrepreneur who has developed a methodology to “think, speak and persuade.” My background is in teaching English and publishing, but today I run my own publishing company, manage an online membership for academic debaters, and teach English to 7th graders at our local charter school.

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Simplified Bio

  1. Teacher. I teach English according to Core Knowledge Sequence. I particularly love teaching young writers, and I follow the Institute for Excellence in Writing closely.
  2. Publisher. I own a publishing company, Monument Publishing, that publishes speech and debate curriculum and resources for public, private and home schools.
  3. Manager. I manage an online membership at MonumentMembers.com that delivers weekly source material to academic speakers and debaters.
  4. Trainer. I’m president of Training Minds, a 501c3 organization I founded in 2001 that promotes speech and debate to Christian teenagers.
  5. Blogger. I’m a writer with an interesting life. So I started this blog in September 2012 to keep a web journal of my life and thoughts. I hope you subscribe to it.

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