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More About Me

I am author of Jeub’s Guide to Speech & Debate and co-author of several books with other debate coaches and my wife, Wendy. I’m currently serving as president of Training Minds which includes setting up camps, classes and curriculum for schools and home schools across the country for academic speech and debate.

This may be my personal blog, but I write with a larger audience in mind. My unique family and work environment bring about adventures that will most likely encourage you in your life. I enjoy self-employment, business development, relationships, family life, hunting, lifting weights, philosophy, and (of course) academic speech and debate.

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Simplified Bio

  1. Nonprofit Work. I’m president of Training Minds, a 501c3 organization I founded in 2001 that runs speech and debate camps for junior high and high schoolers.
  2. For-profit Work. I own a publishing company, Monument Publishing, that publishes curriculum and resources for public, private and home schools.
  3. Family. I’m father to 16 children, all from my dear wife, Wendy, of 20+ years of marriage. We’ve been on TV and published books about love in the house.
  4. Residence. I live in Monument, Colorado, attend Grace Family Fellowship Church, and coach a local group of students in a speech and debate club called Monumentum.
  5. Philosophy. I’m a writer. I have a great life. So I started this blog in September 2012 to keep a web journal of my life and thoughts. I hope you subscribe to it.

Longer Bio

I’m the president of Training Minds, a nonprofit 501c3 organization I established in 2001 whose purpose is to train young people in the arts of thought, speech and persuasion. We host debate camps, teach classes, run forensic tournaments, and encourage others to do the same. I own a publishing company, Monument Publishing, that publishes the curriculum, textbooks, and materials for speakers and debaters. I have over 50 authors and coaches contributing to the community of speech and debate competition.

That may sound like I have a big building in the middle of town or something. Honestly, I do it all from My Sweet Home Office Suite, a 300-foot corner of my basement. I’ve been self-employed since 2004 and I love it. There are a lot of authors, coaches and contractors involved in the work life I’ve created, but the operational machine of all my business is centralized in my home office hub. I’ve built this life to provide for my family, but I feel like I’ve discovered some helpful routines that others would enjoy. I blog about these things.

If my work life interests you, my family life will blow you away. I have 16 children. My dear wife of 20+ years delivered them all. I adopted the two oldest when we married, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed having 14 more. Yes, we are one of those families on reality TV, featured in Kids by the Dozen on TLC in 2007. Our TV experience helped launch our family platform, The Jeub Family, one that my wife, Wendy, maintains while keeping track of the kids. My family makes their way into my posts from time to time, and I’m a regular contributor to our family website.

All of this can be wrapped up in my intense and deeply spiritual appreciation for life. I love life, as I believe everyone should. I can’t get enough of it—the people, the family, the good work that I do and that I help others with—I consider them all blessings from heaven. I hope I don’t sound like I’m bragging. I blog to share with you my honest ideas, thoughts, struggles and dreams. In the end, I hope you take as much as you can from what I’ve learned and experienced. Be blessed, and bless others with the gifts you have to share.

If any of this appeals to you, I’ve got to warn you: you’ll be challenged to throw off cultural norms. To me, conformity is poison that I joyfully resist. You may not agree with everything I believe, but that’s okay. I don’t expect you to conform to me any more than I conform to the world. This is key to pretty much all of my posts: I challenge you to think and re-think the status-quo.

I walk this talk, my friend. I love life, and I want you to love life, too. Subscribe to my posts and we’ll keep up with one another.

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