Afghanistan: A Sample from Blue Disk

I just finished editing and producing the Blue Disk, a DVD of Vance Trefethen’s debate camp presentation covering the 2014 NCFCA team-policy debate resolution on the Middle East. (Stoa people, your edition is being edited now.)

Vance does an excellent job paring down the resolution for debaters, particularly three points make it a stellar assistance to debaters:

  1. You don’t have to agree, but you do need to understand. This is what makes Vance incredibly valuable. He makes this point at the beginning of every debate camp he teaches in. With the emotionally charged issues that come in the Middle East, this can be tricky, and Vance handles it with tremendous care.
  2. You get to debate that which you want to change. Vance is writing 13 cases for the NCFCA Blue Book this year, one he mentions in the video above. The debaters can take them and run with them – changing them up, even. That is where the opinions can be sharpened.
  3. So much of our foreign policy is determined by economics. You’ll get the idea that Vance is incredibly knowledgeable about pretty much anything, but his undergraduate work is in economics. He explains in the video about the economic concept of dollars (or lives) spent in the past.

Fascinating stuff. I always learn a lot when listening to Vance. Even if you’re not debating, you will find the concepts surrounding the Middle East a tremendous benefit to your education. But if you’re in the NCFCA and you own Blue Book, I have a special offer to give you…

40% Off Coupon for Blue Book Owners

Blue Disk 2014 NCFCA EditionBlue Books are out! A few hundred pre-orders were mailed last week, making for one of our busiest weeks of the year for our warehouse in Oklahoma. When you register your book, you’ll find a $10 coupon that you might certainly want to cash in.

It is for $10 off the $25 Blue Disk DVD, a slideshow presentation put together and delivered by “Coach Vance” Trefethen, coauthor of Blue Book. This is the first time in 5 years that Monument Publishing has put together the disk version of the book. It is an edited 1:45 long (from an original 3 hours) covering the 2014 NCFCA team-policy debate resolution on the US foreign policies toward Middle Eastern countries.

This topic is fascinating and broad, and you’re going to very much appreciate Vance’s deep analysis of this area of the world. Vance pares down the massive amount of content into two parts:

  1. History. Vance signifies five issues that have made the Middle East an important policy topic for America: (a) oil, (b) religion, (c) regional stability, (d) the Arab/Israeli conflict, and (e) terrorism. You’ll find each one a tremendous value to get your head around to prepare you for debating this topic.
  2. Countries. Vance covers 15 countries in the Middle East (yeah, this is a very broad topic). An example of one is in the video above. Vance provides analysis of how the US government has developed relationships with these countries over the years, as well as explore ideas on how to change current policy.

The Blue Disk aligns perfectly with Blue Book, which is why we give the book owners a special deal. Log in your book with the 10-digit code inside the front cover at Along with the Spotlight Cases of the Blue Book is a coupon that will drop $10 from your price at

This coupon (40% off!) expires September 30, but if you order this month you get free shipping.

My production crew is working on the Stoa edition, and I’ll have the same deal set up for them. All of these tools are meant to “train minds for action.” Enjoy!