All Views Are Welcome…Except Ann Coulter’s

I believe so wholeheartedly in training young people to debate. Why? Because to be an effective debater, you must first be a critical thinker and a thoughtful listener.

That was not the case last week on The View.

Of all the women on the show, Ann Coulter is the only one who held her own. Questions were asked that weren’t allowed to be answered, and rebuttals were given that were not answered. Whoopi didn’t like any of Ann’s answers, so she ended up swearing at her guest. Watch Bahar: she is only smiling when Ann is being ganged up on. What a joke. Check it out:

I have to say something about Ann Coulter, though. She boldly jumps into the hornet’s nest and takes everyone on. I’m impressed with her. I think I’m going to order Ann Coulter’s book Mugged.

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  • Alice

    wow! why would anyone want to go on that show and be attacked by that group of fluff and no brains? except maybe for walters who didn’t get very involved. she used to interview controversial people for a living. she could have steered this “interview” in a more helpful path, but that is NOT what The View is about. i find it is typically about confrontation. i’ve not read any of coulter’s work before, but i agree with you, chris, i think i’m going to get this one on my kindle and check it out. especially chapter 14 🙂

  • Ninabi

    It wasn’t so much a conversation as a series of interruptions. I’ve noticed this on several news networks and I’ve noticed the habit is being imitated by may of those who watch cable news. Not allowing someone to finish a thought and barging in with a louder, strident voice is not intelligent conversation.