Andrew Pudewa on Getting Involved

Andrew Pudewa gave a great shout-out to a room packed with homeschool parents last week in Virginia. I stripped the audio below for you to listen to. It’s one minute long, and then I’d like to invite you to take advantage of one of three opportunities—all ending at the end of this month.

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Isn’t that great? I sure am grateful for friends like Andrew. He reaches a much larger audience than my little niche of speakers and debaters (see, but you can tell he wants my little niche to grow big.

He referenced one opportunity in the audio primarily because he was in Virginia, but there are a total of three opportunities this summer you can get involved with. Here’s a quick rundown of all three:

  1. Regent University • Virginia Beach, VA • Andrew Pudewa Keynote • July 23-27
  2. Point Loma University • San Diego, CA • Michael Hyatt Keynote • July 30-August 3 (this camp is 80% full)
  3. Advanced Lincoln-Douglas Debate Camp • Colorado Springs, CO • August 7-10

Click though the links to find out more about these camps. I agree with Andrew: speech and debate tournaments are just about the coolest things on the planet. Our camps get you and your family involved. All of these camps still have vacancies, but we suspect some will be full by the end of the month.

I’m acting president residing over all of these camps, so if you have a questions, I’m likely to know the answer. Contact me through my connect page (as always), or contact my administrative assistant, Diane, at the Training Minds Website.

I hope to see you this summer!