Attention EVERY Team-Policy Debater

Every homeschool team-policy debater should listen to today’s Training Minds Podcast. I mean every debater. Let me explain why.


The Training Minds Podcast is in its third episode, and I decided to split it into two: an NCFCA version and a Stoa version. The topic this week is taken straight from our Training Minds Camps this summer where the team-policy coaches walk through each league’s policy resolution.

Today’s content is content that debaters paid hundreds of dollars to attend this summer, so it’s definitely worth your time.

Every debater should tune in and listen. Reasons:

  1. It’s CREDIBLE. There are few others as savvy in the homeschool debate community than “Coach Vance” Trefethen and his old debate partner, Rob Parks. Vance and I coauthor Blue Book every summer, and Rob has a background in law that will really impress you. Anyone can talk a big talk, but these guys walk the walk and deliver credible content you can bank on.
  2. It’s MEATY. Both presenters give in-depth explanations of each resolution as they pull in key analysis of their applications. By the time you finish listening to this podcast, team-policy debaters in Stoa will have a firm grasp on electronic surveillance law, and NCFCA debaters will know a ton about Middle Eastern issues and why they exist today. You will not be disappointed.
  3. It’s FREE. I got a personal message from a coach in Texas who said, “This content is great…You should be charging for it!” I sure appreciate the compliment, but I’m not charging a dime for this. Listen to your heart’s content, every week, every episode. This valuable content is rich, but it is absolutely FREE.

So fit the Training Minds Podcast into your day, and tune in every week. Forward the news onto your debate partner and even your club. You will be very glad you did.

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