August 1: All Sourcebooks Ship

We’re gonna make it. All our sourcebooks will be shipped the first week of August. I like to give the most perks as possible to customers who preorder, saving good money for their speech and debate preparation.

Pictured: A debate team at our Texas Camp last week.

Our sourcebooks gear students up for a successful competitive year in speech and debate.

I often remind people of what I’m really trying to do with Monument Publishing: make speech and debate simple and funThis is the secret to a lot of interests, I suppose. My sourcebooks go deep into content like cases and model speeches, but they explain the intricacies and strategies of each event. There really is nothing like them.

My advice to speakers and debaters: pre-order your sourcebooks. If you know what event(s) you’re planning to participate this year, get your sourcebook preordered. If you do so this week, you get $10 off your sourcebook.

Free Shipping

Offer expires August 31