Australian Pronunciations

Wendy and I took another excursion to somewhere else in Australia: Toowoomba (pronounced twoomba to locals), and we’re starting to get a hang of the accent of the land (pronounced lyaaand to locals).

I can imagine a kindergarten spelling bee in Australia. You’d think this was easy. Which is the INCORRECT spelling of “bin”?

  1. bin
  2. bourne
  3. bane

Answer: “bin.” Two and three are correct, as in the pronunciations of Melbourne (Mel-bin) and Brisbane (Briz-bin).

So there.

We’re visiting some Facebook friends and their family: Ray and Jeni Benell. They were featured on some media channels last October when they welcomed their 16th child into the world (see video above). Wendy and Jen has drummed up quite the fond relationship online since then.

Last night we had a barbecue party in their back yard. Sixteen kids (plus several boyfriends and girlfriends of the older ones) joined us for hamburgers and shrimp. It was a joy to hear so much chatter from this wonderful family!

Will post more soon.

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  • Astrid Frazier

    Aha! Glad to see you’re learning the ‘correct’ way to pronounce things, at least from an Aussie’s perspective, lol. If you want to get technical, it was actually prawns, not shrimp that you had 😉