Become a Monument Publishing Contributor

I have the privilege of working with champion speakers and debaters. Several of the nation’s top competitors will apply to be a contributor to Monument Publishing’s sourcebooks. Want to join us?

Want to become a Monument Publishing Author in 2015?

Last year’s authors. Will you be a part of next year’s?

I’m soliciting writers from now till the end of the last national tournament (June 20). I have a significant writing budget with positions filling up. I need to make sure our eight sourcebooks reach their release date of August 1, 2015.

Allow me to list the reasons why you should aspire to be a Monument Publishing contributor. I tend to think this is a prioritized list:

  1. You will be able to pass on your expertise to the next generation of competitors.
  2. You will have your piece published in a scholarly representation of the next year of competition.
  3. You will have Chris Jeub and Monument Publishing as future recommendation (I write recommendation letters for my authors all the time).
  4. You will continue your winning streak by working with a group of other winners, like the ones in the picture above.
  5. You will make money. Monument Publishing pays its authors for the contributions they print. Plus, you get a free sourcebook.

I have the following recommendations for you to maximize your potential for being selected:

  1. Listen to this Training Minds Podcast: Becoming a Monument Publishing Writer. The 30-minute episode lists all the opportunities available with Monument Publishing.
  2. Read this article: Want to be a Monument Publishing Author? It has a list of needs we have at Monument Publishing and explains the kind of writers we are looking for.
  3. Fill out this online form: It puts your name in the hat. The main editors of the sourcebooks will follow up with you.

Are you interested? I hope to hear from you soon.