Benedict Bernie

I don't agree with his politics, but I, too, was let down

I know a lot of liberals. I find most of them to be loving, life-giving and freedom-believing people. The ones I knew were big Bernie Sanders believers, and in a way, that gave me hope.

Bernie Sanders was given a great opportunity to pivot on principle.

Bernie Sanders was given a great opportunity to pivot on principle.

Not the same hope you might think. I think Sanders believes in and promotes some of the damaging, life-draining, freedom-sucking policies that has wreaked havoc on countries and civilizations. He’s the last person on the planet I want in charge of the free world.

My hope was that my liberal friends would stop towing the line, start thinking for themselves, free themselves from the media narrative, and finally understand the core, substantive, dark reality of the corruption of the Democratic Party.

That same corruption kills the most innocent of lives in the name of “choice.” It steals from the poor in the name of “income distribution.” It rigs the system to ensure power to the elites in the name of “power to the people.” It’s one big fantasy to think the Democratic Party is a good party that promotes policies for the common good.

Bernie Sanders pointed his old, bent finger at the heart of the Democratic Party and called it for what it was: corrupt, self-serving and not worth a good person’s support. Though I disagreed with his politics, I loved Bernie Sanders for his demand for truth and justice.

Bernie was SO CLOSE to starting a TRUE revolution, even handed the incredible blessing of 19,000 truth-revealing emails that proved corruption, back-room media deals, and the worst of human betrayal.

What an incredible opportunity to pivot on principle. But he pivoted in the opposite direction. He endorsed the corruption. He called on his people to drop their principles, honor the thieves, and support the people who clearly, unequivocally and without apology STOLE THE ELECTION.

#FeelTheBern supporters I believe are loving, life-giving and freedom believing people. But they just got berned by their leader. We’ll see if they believed in him or his message. We will see.

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  • David

    Thats what I like about you Chris, you think much deeper than I and most people. Thanks.