Free Timepiece and Free Shipping

These little timepieces are my publishing company’s bestselling product. No kidding. They’re extremely handy for debaters, judges, timers and tournament directors. We’re giving them away for the next week.

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For the next seven days, every order shipped from Monument Publishing’s warehouse ships FREE and receives a FREE Training Minds Timepiece.

Compact and lightweight, these timepieces are easy to transport and fit easily in your palm. I consider this an essential asset in my debate bag. Your case, your briefs, a pen, flowsheets, and your own timepiece.

Want to know the coolest thing about these timepieces? They don’t accidentally go off in the middle of a round. All other timepieces we’ve tested have buttons that accidentally press all the time. This timepiece fits into your picket — it’s the size of an iPod Nano — and doesn’t get set until you decide to set it.

The full-fledged tournament season is right around the corner. The free timepiece will come in handy. Browse Monument Publishing resources to find the missing items you need for competition.

Timpiece - 3D - Square

Offer good through 12/4/13.