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My mom, Judy Jeub, recorded a Skype interview that you will find helpful in your blogging journey. Check out the video here.

My mom celebrated her second year of blogging yesterday ( I set her blog up and trained her in, and she’s been a most loyal daily blogger since. It’s almost a miracle that she’s a blogger, because two years ago she didn’t even know how to turn on a computer.

Judy Jeub Blogger

Congratulations, Mom, on two years of blogging.

Mom’s ambition to blog sprung from a desire to put her writings into order and form a book. Judy Jeub has always been a writer. She has accumulated boxes and boxes of journals over the years, representations of a rich history of stories and experiences to share.

However, the discipline to sit down and pull it all together was hard. Where to begin?

What my mom came to realize is that she was approaching the solution as a Baby Boomer. She wrote and wrote, and desired to pull all her writing together to perhaps be able to publish something that people would be (hopefully) interested in reading. Maybe even pay a few bucks for.

For everyone today, this is frustrating.
It doesn’t work like that anymore.

She didn’t know it at the time — and I, too, was just beginning to realize it — but the solution was right in front of her: Blogging. All her writing goals were wrapped up in blogging. Her desire to publish something interesting for others to enjoy did not require a long and laborious process of old. There was no barrier to entry: my mom could start blogging immediately.

Two years ago, she turned to her son, the publisher. That’s me, the owner and operator of Monument Publishing. I focus primarily on academic speech and debate curriculum, but I have published a few coffee-table type resources, the kind my mom was interested in.

Here we are two years later. My mom is a blogger! To date, has 631 blog posts, some totally awesome and thought provoking, some simple and short, and everything in between. If you’re a subscriber to her site (you can be by visiting, you are blessed. And my mom is blessed, too, giving a part of herself each day to her growing group of readers.

What about you?
Would you like to be a blogger?
It isn’t as difficult as you might think.

There are basically three steps to getting yourself off and running as a blogger. If you make the commitment to follow these steps — whether by yourself or by hiring someone to help you get there — you’ll be blogging before you know it. Consider:

  1. Ready. Get ready with a blogging station. For my mom, this was a significant learning curve, as her last technological leap was going from a standard computer to an electric one. My sister, Becky, stepped in and helped my mom purchase a modest laptop computer and my mom worked through some basic tutorials to get herself up to snuff. She was determined, and it took her about two months to get ready.
  2. Set. With the basic goal in mind to blog, I set my mom up with a hosting account, a standard WordPress blog, and some tutorials to get her set up. This required some time on my end, and I even flew out to Minnesota to spend a few days with her to show her how to blog. It was time I gladly gave to get my mom set.
  3. Go! The rest is history. My mom has two-years of daily blogging behind her. She doesn’t have her book published yet, but as she blogged yesterday on her anniversary, who cares? She’s putting her writing out there for others to enjoy, which is what she wanted to do in the first place. She has made a significant move in the direction she wanted to go.

Are you in the same shoes as my mother? Most people are a bit further along than an electric typewriter, but I believe having the basic desire to get your writing out there is a universal desire. You just need to get ready, get set, and go!

Find out how with One Page to Blogging

My mom and I have had a great time these past couple of years. We want to see others enjoy themselves just the same. Even more so, we’d like to see other baby boomers — or anyone, for that matter — share their life and experience with the world.

Find out more at One Page to Blogging.

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  • I have tried so hard to setup baby boomers (parents) for blogging. Failed every single time.

    They seem to lose interest after awhile. Just seems like a fad to most of them.