PERSUADE Bonus Video: Chris Jeub’s Bookshelf

My stack of books on the arts of persuasion (subtitles included)

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Bonus Video: Chris Jeub’s Bookshelf

You see the books in the background, and yes, I have actually read them. They consist of mostly books on the arts of persuasion. This bonus video introduces you to many great (and awful) books I have read on persuasion. I hope to someday teach you the vast sea of persuasion techniques in them.

Here’s the list in the order I explain in the video, plus hyperlinks to the ones that I think fit most nicely with the content of Training Minds University and my PERSUADE class:

  • “Hedge’s Logick” by Levi Hedge (1839)
  • “Argumentation and Debating” by William Trufant Foster (1908)
  • “Elements of Logic” by Richard Whately (1855)
  • “How to Argue and Win Every Time” by Gerry Spense (St. Martin Press)
  • “The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists” by Neil Strauss
  • “How to Debate” by T. Russell Hanes
  • “Secrets of Dynamic Communicators” by Ken Davis (Thomas Nelson)
  • “Many Sides Debate Across the Curriculum” by by Alfred Snider & Maxwell Schnurer
  • “Come, Let Us Reason” by Norman L. Geisler and Ronald M. Brooks
  • “Elements of Writing” Kenneavy/Warriner
  • “Argumentation and Debate” by Austin J. Freeley and David L. Steinberg
  • “Understanding the Times” by David A. Noebel (Summit Ministries)
  • “The Law” by Frederic Bastiat
  • “Lincoln and Douglas: The Debates that Defined America” by Allen C. Guelzo
  • “Argumentation & Debate: Taking the Next Step” Edited by Deborah Bush Haffey, Jeffrey B. Motter, and Christy L. Shipe
  • “An Introduction to Argumentation and Debate” by Christy “Farris” Shipe
  • “Win Bigly” by Scott Adams
  • “Influence” by Robert Cialdini
  • “The 5-Second Rule” by Mel Robbins
  • “Algorithms to Live By” by Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths
  •  “Essentialism” by Greg McKeown
  • “Quiet” by Susan Cain
  • “Never Split the Difference” by Chris Voss
  • “48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene
  • Anything by G.K. Chesterton
  • “Pre-Suasion” by Robert Cialdini
  • “The Great Debate” by Yuval Levin
  • “Team of Rivals” by Doris Kearns Goodwin

Do you have a book on persuasion that is not on this list? I’d love to hear about them! Comment below…

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  • Elvie Francisco

    How about Paul’s writings in the Bible
    , How to Win Friends and Influence People(or not) y Dale Carnegie

    • Great suggestions! Thanks Elvie!

      Carnegie’s book is a classic, and it is actually on my phone, right below “48 Laws of Power.” I listened to both of them about the same time. Talk about mirroring each other.

  • Writermomof4

    Tactics, by Greg Koukle! Your secret question from yesterday is the first tactic he teaches. The whole book is excellent!

    Also, Dr. Jeff Myers recently updated Understanding the Times and expanded the curriculum to a 3-Volume set (Understanding the Faith and Understanding the Culture are the other two); the entire set is fantastic, especially when looking to engage culturally, politically, or apologetically.

    • Great suggestions. I really like Greg Koukle’s work, though I haven’t touched base with it since 2002-2004 timeframe. I’ll pick it back up, thanks!

      Jeff is a good friend. I had heard he updated Understanding the Times, but I still have the old Noebel version. Another great recommendation, thanks “writer mom of 4”!

  • Jedi Mind Trick

    Thank you for offering this course. I am enjoying them. Really looking forward to more of these.

    • With a name like “jedi mind trick,” you’re going to love these videos! 🙂

  • Mary Lichlyter

    Oops. Daniel Webster wrote the dictionary? Wasn’t that Noah Webster? I can look up qualifications for saying that if you ask (ha!).

    • Whoops! That’ll go into the edits for next time. (heh)