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I’m feeling pretty grateful for the success of my latest book. It has been well received since its release a couple months ago. To celebrate, I’m giving away $100 worth of books through this week. Let me explain why, what and how to get yours.

Andrew Pudewa (right) has been instrumental in bringing speech and debate to new families.

Andrew Pudewa (right) has been instrumental in bringing speech and debate to new families.


Andrew Pudewa and I (pictured above) attended the Great Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati two weeks ago. He has been a huge support to my organization. We sported my newest release of my book Jeub’s Guide to Speech & Debate at his popular booth at the conference.

Both Andrew and I are educators who believe strongly in “training minds for action.” He does this beautifully with writing curriculum (his program is the best on the market) and I do so through speech and debate. We’re both advocates for getting you and your family involved in academic speech and debate.

Why? Because you’ll love the community, find the educational value to be out of this world, and it will give you hope for the future of our world. We aren’t blowing this horn for nothing: we really believe in this stuff. Getting involved isn’t as hard as you think, even easier with what is wrapped up in my newest book…


Ah, my book. You’re going to love it. Jeub’s Guide to Speech & Debate is a staple for anyone with the least bit of interest in the activity. It’s thorough yet simple, plus comes with a $20 curriculum for free. So really, it is a $40 value for only $20…and you could win one for free!

Check out the Jeub’s Guide landing page here.

I just returned from a tournament in Tulsa. A mom from Texas let me know that she uses my book every time a new family is interested in getting involved. I also tried to give a copy to the tournament director as a gift, but she said she already owned it. (I told her to pass my gift onto another family.) I see my book being referenced in judges lounges all the time. I’m quite pleased with how it is being utilized.

My bottom line is this: every teen should be involved in speech and debate. I’ve found that resistance is typically a lack of knowledge. They just don’t understand what is involved. Well, that’s what my handy-dandy Jeub’s Guide to Speech & Debate is all about.


I’m giving away ONE copy EVERYDAY this week. It’s real simple to have your name drawn:

  1. Share this article on Facebook or Twitter or both. (Email your friends, too, while you’re at it.)
  2. Subscribe to (The intro pages come free with a download, too, so you can start reading right away.)

I’ll be listing winners in the comment section below through April 30. The sooner you and your friends get your names in, the better chance you have toward winning.

A couple more details

Are you already a subscriber? Send me a note and I’ll make sure I don’t miss your email in the drawing.

Do you already own Jeub’s Guide? Well then, let your friends know about this! Forward this article to them and encourage them to keep posted in the exciting world of speech and debate.

And if you love this community half as much as I do, leave your feedback below. Tell the world that this is the community to be a part of!


The winners…

  • Tuesday: Cathy O. from New York, NY
  • Wednesday: Krissy V. from Springfield, MO
  • Thursday: Connie M. from Daggett, MI
  • Friday:  John & Barb B. from Hartsdale, NY
  • Lastly: Barb L. from San Jose, CA

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  • Jennifer Torres

    Awesome! I would love to have this book. I already subscribe (and sent you a note saying so) I also shared it on Facebook.

    • Thanks Jennifer. I’ve got you in the drawing. Stay tuned for the draw!

  • Michelle

    Thank you for this opportunity! I’ve subscribed and shared on FB – can you enter every day, or does this one comment put you in for the week? Thanks again 🙂

    • Once you’re in, you’re in. Thanks Michelle!

  • I’ve been trying to teach my 16 yr old son the difference between arguing and debating. This sounds like it would help.

    • This reminds me of one of the most popular excuses parents give me for NOT doing debate: “I don’t want to teach my kids to argue more!” Arguing without logic and reasoning is technically not arguing; it is fighting. That’s what teens often find themselves wrapped up in. With training, they learn to think, speak and persuade. Because of this, they become much more pleasant around the house. Good thought, Mary!

  • Brooke

    I’ve subscribed, shared on Facebook, and Twitter!

  • Becky Rokita

    Shared and Tweeted.

  • Becky Rokita


  • Thanks for this great giveaway. We are looking forward to having Andrew Pudewa at our state convention in two months. If I don’t get a chance to look at your book before then I hope to see it at our homeschool convention. I’ve subscribed and shared on FB.