Capturing the ‘Monumento’ with Photos and Video

Early at the Monumentum Debate Tournament, I walked through the hallways to make sure the debate rounds were running. It was quiet and pleasant. Twenty-nine rooms were set up and running with debaters, judges and observers moving along with the beginning of the tournament.

I had my phone with me, so I passed it on to Jared, my Communications Team Coordinator, and asked him to film me walking through the halls. It was a spur-of-the-moment idea that I wanted to capture on camera. I walked backwards through the hallway and captured the moment on camera, then immediately uploaded it to YouTube and my Facebook profile for others to see.

Many of us who run tournaments – as well as the competitors – spend a lot of time trying to explain to members of the community the great value. We raise funds, solicit judges and attempt to secure facilities for these events. I think this video captures the mood of this educational community of debaters and how the greater community relates to them.

If anything, this helps capture the surreal moment on Thursday. The rest of the day unfolded for us almost flawlessly, hundreds of people working their way through Vista Grande Baptist Church for debates.

Photos captured the moment, too, and thank you Arlene Miller for taking these pictures. Here are some of my favorites; see my Facebook for more. 

Academic debate starts as young as 12 years old.

Debaters prepare in their schooling to present their cases to judges at tournaments.

It’s not uncommon to see a game of spoons break out between rounds in the student lounge.

There is lots to be said of the social aspect of a tournament like this.

These gentlemen take the stage for the final round of Lincoln-Douglas debate.

These are the award winners of Lincoln-Douglas, each gaining a qualifying mark toward nationals.

These are fine young people we are bringing up, and Training Minds is a great organization to encourage it. See its website for more information: