When an Argument Turns Sour

You can find the reason...and it usually has little to do with the actual argument

My Facebook friend had all the facts and arguments, but he still felt he lost. When he explained, I could see two points of error that could have turned the argument to a win.

Starvation Is a Myth

Never let fear of hunger keep you from your good work

Jeff Goins is a writer…that’s his art. He has developed an entire business and career based on helping other writers do writing. That’s his tribe, you might say, and he does it particularly well.

One Page to Blogging

My life is about “action management,” bringing talented people to popularity using tools available to everyone. Blogging is a huge tool that will be a tremendous asset to bringing your talents to the world. My one-page on how to blog will be your first step to a successful blogging life.