Celebration Sale!

My publishing cycle has come to an end for another year. I’m feeling festive and generous, so I came up with a 50% deal, and you’ll want a piece of the action.

I’m offering a 50% off deal to celebrate my business life’s wildly busy-but-successful publishing cycle. It came to an end last night when I released our October Addenda — hundreds of pages of additional content to our five signature sourcebooks. I cannot truly explain how awesome that feels!

First, let me explain the milestone Monument Publishing met this morning. Along with over 50 champion speakers and debaters, Monument Publishing wrapped up more sourcebook material than we have EVER published! There is now professional, prepared and polished sourcebook material for EVERY speech or debate event you are committed to excelling in.

This publishing cycle was quite the accomplishment, and I hang a lot of its success on the change in process we adopted this year: The October Addendum. If you ordered one of our sourcebooks this year (all of them released August 1), you were promised a digital release that would deliver on content that would drop on October 1.

Well, today’s October 1. And we delivered. Big time.

All five sourcebook addenda are now available at the Monument Publishing Downloads Database (you need your digital access code to download). Check out these added benefits of your October Addenda:

  1. BLUE BOOK. “Coach Vance” Trefethen and his team of team-policy debaters put together a total of 25 cases & briefs covering both leagues! A 26th is coming your way soon for NCFCA debaters. Don’t blame us; blame Congress. They passed one of our plans a couple weeks ago.
  2. RED BOOK. Cheyenne Ossen corralled about 20 LD champs to flesh out both Red Books (NCFCA and Stoa) with new cases and responses. This came in VERY handy with Stoa. The digital download includes all new articles diving into the 2nd Stoa resolution.
  3. GOLD BOOK. Titlist RJ Martin worked with other champions extempers to publish a dozen new Gold Folders for your extemporaneous research. I also published all of Sabrina Cruz’s instruction in the digital download, giving extempers (especially beginners) all they need for preparation.
  4. SILVER BOOK. Handouts are included in this digital download, giving an added value to all apologetics competitors. Extremely useful to Stoa competitors is an update on the league’s most recent change in questions. Monument Publishing’s blog post from yesterday explains: Summary of Stoa’s Apologetics Changes. Silver Book owners, we’ve got you covered!
  5. BRONZE BOOK. I can’t wait for you to read the new speeches from champion speakers from across the country, even national title winners! Some of them come with YouTube links to make learning from them incredibly helpful.

My 15-year publishing life has been incredible, but I cannot remember being more excited for a change in my publishing cycle. I am thrilled at how helpful and conducive our sourcebook material will be for debaters and speakers nationwide, and this new process is the main reason for it. Now With the October Addendum out, your sourcebook just about quadrupled in value! 

I’ve got more value in mind…

Keep Organized, and Save 50%

Monument Publishing came out with an organizational tool specifically designed for speakers and debaters. Turn to the last page of your sourcebook and you’ll see an advertisement for a brand new product Monument Publishing just came out with: the Training Minds Binder. It is no ordinary 3-ring binder. It comes packed with value!

And for the month of October, I’m sending these $20 values to you for 50% off.

I call these the “TMBs” for short. Using the TMB, you will be much better equipped for the coming year of competition for several reasons:

  • You will be able to expand your binder as you learn the material.
  • You will be required only to expand the sections to the events you plan to compete in.
  • You will be able to track your progress with the checklist.
  • You will be able to easily add an event later if you desire to do so.
  • You will be able to show your coach your progress by simply turning to your section for review.
  • You will be able to keep your script submissions, league rules, and registration information in one area as you prepare for your tournaments.

Quite honestly, you will bring your TMB with you wherever you go for speech and debate —to club, to tournaments, to workshops, to camp. The TMB is your representation of where you are in competition at any given time during the year, truly your guide through a successful speech and debate season.

In fact, I made an executive decision. The TMBs will be 50% off with ANY sourcebook order. If you want to pick up any of these sourcebooks, you’ll be prompted if you want to add the TMB for only 10 bucks when you order. For the month of October, however, the TMB is available at 50% off with no other purchase necessary.

I hope you are finding this year an exciting adventure. It’s October, you are probably plowing through a ton of content to wrap your mind around the intense new debate topics, extemp topics, speech rules and all the details involved with competitive speech and debate. It’s a lot to master, which is why Monument Publishing exists, and it’s what pops Chris Jeub up in the morning!

The Monument Publishing Sourcebooks and the Training Minds Binders are specifically designed and expertly prepared with your competitive success in mind. They make the perfect preparatory tools. Order your materials today.

The Training Minds Binder for only $10 (regular $20)