Cinderella Man

When my daughter brought Cinderella Man home and told me to watch it, I accused her of trying to make me watch a “chick flick.” Hardly.

Why would someone voluntarily risk his life to take care of his family?

Cinderella Man is a drama for every man, especially in today’s difficult economic time. James Braddock refused to give in to the depression of the day. He held his family together through the Great Depression, insisting on making the best with what he had. He fought his way through hardships with no shame. Watch this clip and see who he’s thinking about when he’s getting the snot beat out of him:

There were several themes to the movie that appealed to me:

  • Braddock needed to take government assistance to keep his family together. He saw it as shameful, and he surprised everyone when he voluntarily paid it back.
  • Braddock insisted on keeping the family together, even when his wife disagreed.
  • Braddock respected the wealthy, even when they appeared snobby or greedy. I loved when he disciplined his son for stealing food.
  • Braddock honored his opponents and fought fair, even when they didn’t.
  • Braddock loved his wife and his children, always making decisions with their interests in mind.

Not too long ago, I talked about this movie with someone. “That was a different time,” he said. That may be true, but it shouldn’t be an excuse. I like to think I fight on like James Braddock, and I like to think most men would fight the same.

Question: Did you see the movie? What did you like about it?

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  • SS

    Braddock and his family seem like they were all healthy. It’s amazing how much easier things are when everyone is healthy.

    • Obstacles are able to be overcome, but they are impossible with a cynical attitude.

  • Noah Otis

    For starters, Russell Crow is an amazing actor. The movie itself is one of my favorites – and has been for a long time. I read the first line of your post and snickered, knowing that you had said it out of ignorance (As have I, many a time).
    The movie portrays real life in the Great Depression, and a struggle to rise to the top again. Much like the movie Seabiscut with Toby Maguire ( I don’t recommend it, unless you have a edited version like me). Anyway, I am glad you liked it : D