Colorado Gets Stoned. Meanwhile, in Monument…

Today is New Year’s Eve in Colorado. Legal manufacturers are reporting $578 million in marijuana sales, and public displays of masses getting stoned will be commonplace in our beautiful state. (Here’s the story.)

There are people getting rich off ruining others' minds. I'm out to reverse that trend.

There are people getting rich off ruining others’ minds. I’m out to reverse that trend.

Meanwhile, I’m here in Monument, Colorado, gearing up for our first For Action Conference. I’m hosting nine speakers tomorrow night for a dinner party, and Thursday 48 students will be flying in from 11 states to join us in “training the mind for action.”

I draw this contrast to bring light to the fact that the mind is under attack today, but Training Minds Ministry is NOT standing down.

On the one hand, we have an entire culture who find it fine and dandy to blast its minds with narcotics. At least in Colorado, the law supports it. I understand the libertarian arguments for its legality, but that doesn’t erase the fact that marijuana gets people stoned. Related to that, more than $1/2 billion in sales is coming into the state. People are getting filthy rich — legally — to help others ruin their minds.

On the other hand, I’m huddled in my office taking care of final preparations for the For Action Conference, a gathering of a handful of young people who seek to strengthen their minds. We have nine speakers, many of them millennials like the attendees, who will be challenging these young people to use their God-given gifts to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

Stoners will be partying.

Servants will be preparing.

Another contrast: we don’t have $1/2 billion to use. We’re actually investing a considerable amount to make this event happen. The For Action Conference is the first of its kind and it is entirely donor-funded. The bottom line is the truth: we very much need the help of people like you.

The coaches here at Training Minds have a lot of great work ahead of us. I cannot think of a better organization to support than Training Minds Ministry. As 2013 comes to a close, I ask you to help me prepare for a better future by investing in training minds for action.


Thank you, and Happy New Year!


Chris Jeub, President