Coming Opportunities to Judge Debate

I was Superintendent for the National Invitational Tournament of Champions in June, the largest since the community’s start in 1996. Six-hundred students, their families, 1100 judges, and nearly a hundred coordinators – all from across the country – came to Colorado Springs at Focus on the Family for the week of festivities. The picture above was taken right before the students went off to their first debate round for the day. Don’t they look sharp? These young people are awesome.

We need and want “community” judges who, like you, believe in young people.

The national tournament marks the end of the school year for competitors, but the next competitive calendar is starting up again soon. I find myself leading the first debate tournament for our state in Colorado, again held in Colorado Springs. I sent a letter out to the community judges in the area who may be interested in returning to judge at the tournament.

I’d like to share that letter with you. It’s a reminder of how awesome this community is:

Dear friend,

You were one of 1,100 judges who helped in June make the largest homeschool speech and debate tournament work. I’m sure you were impressed with the fine young people – and, I hope, just as impressed with the families who make up the Stoa Speech & Debate Community. We have tournaments coming up – none nearly as large as the National Tournament at Focus on the Family, but we would love to have you join us.

Fact is, you are needed. When you judge, you’re breathing life into the next generation – more than you may realize. You can help by acknowledging your value, responding to upcoming invitations, and bringing others into the community. Allow me to explain.

Be Proud of This
Most of all, take pride in your involvement. I honestly believe that there is no better activity to support than academic speech and debate. The young competitors seek your feedback to make them better communicators and leaders. Judging at a tournament is great work, my friend.

Mark my words: you’re going to see these kids doing great things in the future. You got that sense at NITOC in June, right? I bet you did. Your judging is an investment in that future, so be proud to be a judge.

How the Reminders will Come
I will send friendly reminders throughout the year when a new tournament opportunity in Colorado pops up. No action is required other than registering. If you are not able to judge at one of the upcoming tournaments, no sweat. Just disregard the email. Maybe you’ll be available the next time around.

And I won’t spam you. Competitors may email you, but this database will send out no more than two emails per tournament opportunity. There’ll be about six or seven throughout Colorado this school year, so you will not be overwhelmed.

Your Community
This is an awesome community, you know that, so feel free to encourage others to join you. Think of friends, neighbors, parents, extended family, retirees, church members, pastors, teachers, and so on. We need and want “community” judges who, like you, believe in young people.

They’re the leaders of tomorrow, my friend, and your help is very much appreciated. Thank you so much for your consideration. Let me know if you have any questions; my contact information is below. God bless!

Chris Jeub
President, Training Minds Ministry
NITOC Superintendent

Does this interest you? I bet it does. There are three ways you can jump in and be a part of this great community.

  1. Do you live in Colorado?
    As I mentioned, I’m the Tournament Director of the first Colorado debate tournament. It’s run by my club and the organization I run, Training Minds. We would love to have you come as a Community Judge. For complete information, visit the registration page:
  2. Do you live close to another club?
    There are homeschool speech and debate clubs all over the country, probably close to where you live. I suggest visiting the two leagues’ tournaments calendars to see if there is a tournament coming your way. Visit Stoa Tournament Calendar (Stoa is the league my family participates) and the NCFCA Tournament Calendar.
  3. Do you want to help support this community?
    I run camps and create curriculum to teach these young people. Training Minds is an academic nonprofit 501(c)3 that “trains minds for action,” a tax-deductible activity that has been in operation since 2001. The coaches and I would very much appreciate your financial support to help us grow the resources we provide for students nationwide. For more information, visit the Training Minds Donation Page.

And as always, you can contact me. I believe in this community, and I believe you’d love being a part of “training minds for action.”