When Coming Unglued Is Good

Yesterday was a pleasant day at the Melbourne Zoo, the video below of Wendy petting a kangaroo. We wrapped the day up with dinner out, a little shopping downtown, and a movie Alissa and Assad hadn’t yet seen, The Lego Movie. 

Have you seen that movie? The movie is animation about a “special” lego character being the “chosen one” to save the world from the “Cragle.” Turns out that the “cragle” is really “CRAzy GLuE” with the letters rubbed off, and the Legos are being glued into permanence by the dad.

While most insist the movie was some great complicated political statement, I think it was about parenting. [Spoiler Warning] The entire movie is a conflict between the father’s insistence to follow instructions and the son’s yearning to have fun. Failing to follow instructions leads to a chaotic “mess,” but restricting the ability to play leaves no room to grow.

I suppose you can argue that this is the conflict of every family, and I would further suppose that good parents figure out how to strike the balance between “do as you’re told” and “go have fun.”

I found it an immense joy to read my mom’s latest blog post, “Up Over Part II,” where she talks of my 17 and 18-year-old son’s ability to slip out of the house without putting away their laundry. (Grandma’s taking care of the household while Wendy and I are in Australia.) Grandma’s deserve the right to lean toward “go have fun” — and it is a right that I have defended for her for years — but she has had to slip into “do as you’re told” mode during our hiatus Down Under.

I think you’ll laugh if you read her post.

Anyway, that is my thought early this morning about our visit to the zoo yesterday. We’re planning to visit the markets later today, taking our time a bit more this time through. Our bigger plans are for Sunday, and I can’t wait to tell you about it later.