Competitors, Dream Big

Today’s the big day. My small debate club and I have been preparing for days – even weeks – to host 80 debaters and about 100 judges in Colorado Springs for the Monumentum Debate Tournament. An event like this is grueling, but so incredibly worth it. I’m waking up like it’s Christmas morning.

Can I share with you the letter I sent out last night to students? Whatever path you’re on, I hope you dream big. I’ll be encouraging our kids to do that throughout the day of competition.

Dear Competitor,

I hope you’re in for an AWESOME time tomorrow! Monumentum sure is. We’ve been busy all week, very much looking forward to hosting the 80 debaters who will be joining together for debate tomorrow. Let me say a word about our theme, Dream Big.

I believe so much in you. You’re “training the mind for action” (1 Peter 1:13) for a big purpose. Think of all those great skills you are learning in debate. You’ll learn and grow through every single round. The relationships you build with your fellow competitors will last a lifetime. It’ll be exhausting, but you’re being trained for big things.

The verse of Training Minds ends with “for action.” We spend so much time focusing on competition that people think we’re out for the trophy. We want you to win, sure, but that’s just a minor accomplishment. We want you to apply what you learn to the great purpose God has in store for you.

Now THAT gets us excited! Don’t settle for small, debater. Dream big.

I’ll be posting pictures on my Facebook profile and some on the Training Minds Page. Check in throughout the day, and if you’re coming to judge, be sure to say hi.