Connect With Great People

I think I have the best business strategy in the world. You do this, and you’ll be successful. You’ll cover for the worst of mistakes, make up for a lack of education, and overcome the gloomiest financial forecasts. Here it is…

Monumentum 2013

Connect with great people. [Tweet this.]

I’m at one of the largest speech and debate tournaments in the country. This is the tribe I’ve connected with for the past two decades, built a business and nonprofit around them, and made some die-hard friendships in the process.

Do you want to know more about this community? If you are a home educator, there is no excuse NOT to get to know us. I put together a list of links that should give you an idea of how speech and debate can help you:

This is the first big tournament our kids are competiting in, and awards are Saturday night. I hope to post some fun results from the 10 kids I brought from Colorado. Stay tuned!

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  • Great point, we become like the people we associate with. Spend time with great people and become great.