Connect With Me at the Expo

Two free gifts plus the chance to win a $429 writing curriculum

I hop on a plane to Dallas today for the national tournament in the National Speech & Debate Association. I cannot wait to connect with you, and if you are going I’ll make it worthwhile for you with some free giveaways.

I will be giving away free items at the IEW booth. Click for details.

I’m joining a host of other vendors at the league’s Sunday Expo, June 14, 2015. Look out for me at the Institute for Excellence in Writing booth. Alongside the IEW curriculum will be some more products from Monument Publishing, three of which are special offers:

  1. A free timepiece. Anyone is welcome to grab up one of 50 timepieces from Training Minds, each valued at $12. Those who sign up at the booth for more information will get to walk away with one of these, but only as supplies last.
  2. A free portable wall. If you are a teacher or administrator, I have this special gift for you with a catalogue from IEW. It explains the award-winning writing curriculum that has helped transform writing skills in schools across the country. See me at the booth and you’ll walk away with one of these $7 items, but only as supplies last.
  3. A $429 curriculum drawing. Signing up automatically enters you for a FREE Teacher Package for you to pilot at your school (or hand off to a teacher who will). This is a huge deal that you will want to be a part of.

I suspect you’ll be hard-pressed to find more opportunity at the NSDA Expo! This is all meant to connect. I very much look forward to seeing you at NSDA Nationals. Follow my Facebook Page for pictures of the event.

I’ll then be off to Minnesota for NCFCA Nationals, which I’ll post about later.