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The introductory course to Training Minds University

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These videos begin Tuesday, February 6, and last through Monday, February 12.

Have you ever walked away from an argument thinking of the perfect response long after you had the opportunity? Are your relationships hindered because you get tongue-tied and anxious when confronted? Do you have strong convictions yet aren’t able to articulate yourself when called on? Are you the shy one in the corner of the room afraid to speak up and let your voice be heard?

My free course “Persuade” and Training Minds University distills my 20+ years of teaching the shyest, quietest, most apprehensive people how to rethink their approach, structure their communication, and deliver wholesome, extremely persuasive dialogue in their lives. My students will never again leave an opportunity to persuade another.

Summary of Offers (Re-opened through February 12)

Entering this course gives you access to all the videos, MP3s, downloads and bonus lessons through the launch (re-opened through February 12, 2018). “Persuade” consists of four modules, each broken into lessons with video accompaniment for smooth, step-by-step instruction. This course is ABSOLUTELY FREE and comes with no payment or credit card from you. The University costs $99/semester.

  • Module 1 gives you a fundamental principled thought process that, when embraced, will make anyone 10x more persuasive. You will learn the “why” of persuasion, shining light on all the areas of life where persuasion matters, how you can increase wealth and relationships with persuasion.
  • Module 2 expands on the fundamental principle of persuasion with the tried-and-true model that you can apply immediately in your life to persuade others. It is the “what” of persuasion, the same model that I teach to my champion debaters.
  • BONUS: Chris Jeub’s Bookshelf. I make persuasion my life. I’ve read hundreds of books on the topic, many of which are behind me on my bookshelf. In this bonus video, I take many of them down from my shelf and explain the helpful (and some of them harmful!) techniques on persuasion. Comment on this page with the books you reference for persuasion.
  • Module 3 explains “how” to Persuade. The principle has been revealed, the model has been explained, and now you will dig deep into elements of persuasion that will launch you into a life of influence.
  • Module 4 closes the class, but opens up an incredible opportunity to own Persuade and continue the journey of thinking, speaking and persuading.

This course is the introductory course for Training Minds University, my online membership for those who want to dive deep in to arts of persuasion and become a MASTER PERSUADER. Your life will forever be changed!

This class is open through February 19, 2018

$99 per semester beyond that

Questions? Connect with me and we’ll get you rolling into the wonderful worlds of thinking, speaking and persuading.