More to the Jeub Family Story

In 2014 my daughter Cynthia blogged of abuse in our family, and the story has been reported and promoted by tabloid media.* This is our official response.

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Cynthia’s accusations are false. The Jeubs are not and never have been a family of abuse.

As a family, we try not to assume we know what would cause Cynthia to fabricate such horrific memories from her childhood. We love Cynthia, and we hope she seeks genuine counsel for her false memories. Tabloids do her no service in promoting her stories of an abusive past, of which these media publications have never sought to validate. The ones who love Cynthia the most are her family, not the online echo chamber.

The Jeub family opposes all forms of abuse. Any parent who beats, manipulates, shames, or exploits their children should be brought to swift justice through our society’s enforcement institutions. Victims (true victims) should be applauded, and as a family we have encouraged other families to abandon abusive ideologies. Fabricating abuse should never be tolerated, for it makes it more difficult for families suffering real abuse to break its chains and be free from its cycle.

At first, some in our family supported Cynthia, and our family was fractured. It was an overwhelming shock to all of us, and it appeared to shut us down. However, don’t assume our silence was admission of guilt. Behind the online curtain, we made several appeals to Cynthia to reconnect and work through any problems she had with the rest of us, but she refused us every time. Regardless, our family sought counsel from legal and psychological professionals as well as our strong network of friends and family. We worked through many familial issues, and the trial has made us a much stronger family. We hope to share some of these breakthroughs with you someday.

Today our support system is stronger than ever. Those who know us closely — family, friends, church, school, neighbors, one another — know that Cynthia’s accusations are false. If there ever was evidence of abuse, it would have been exposed long ago. Such is the reality of most large families.

The Jeubs love one another, support one another, and grow together in faith and unity. We hope for Cynthia’s return and full recovery. That would be a remarkable story to share.


*We think it’s fair to include links to the most defaming posts against my family. None of these entities attempted to contact us. They instead assumed Cynthia’s claims were true, defaming the entire family as the expense of their assumption. These links include: HuffPost Personal, Homeschoolers Anonymous, In Touch Weekly, Patheos, FreeJinger.