Debate Is Like a Martial Art

Champion martial arts encourages competitors to aim beyond the target. This allows them to pound through boards, bricks, what-have-you with stunning strength and precision. Aim for something beyond the immediate target, and following through the initial target will be all the more successful. Debaters are trained in a similar fashion, particularly one that I’d like to explain to you.

Debate is like a Martial Art

The coaches at Training Minds seek the same. We want students to dream big and beyond the initial goals of the year. Win the tournaments, win nationals, win all they can this coming year, but we consider ourselves much more successful when our students have purpose and passion in their speaking and debating. It launches them into the future!

Training Minds’ key verse is “train the mind for action” taken from the Bible. It’s a profound verse that encourages us to spend time training our minds to greater a greater purpose in life. Many speakers will develop that purpose throughout their competitive years in their platform, interps, speeches and debates.

That’s the focus this week in Point Loma. We’ll be training students, but we want them to look beyond the training and seek a higher purpose in life. For action!

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