Debate Resolutions Coming Back

We're still talking about that case from 2009

The debater on the right, Josh Craddock, is a student at Harvard Law School who was published last week in Harvard’s Journal on Legislation. Guess what he used? The same case that brought him to NCFCA Nationals in 2009!

Carabellos Craddock debating

Josh Craddock (right) with his partner, Zack, at the 2009 NCFCA National Tournament.

Josh has taken his debate skills beyond competition, which is exactly what I wish for every one of the competitors of my program. In his article “Social Insecurity: The Case for Totalization With India” he cites a particular problem with US-India relations (emphasis added):

Death and taxes are inevitable, but at least death does not repeat itself. This maxim bites especially hard under current U.S.-India policy: expat workers pay into both countries’ Social Security systems, but are ineligible for benefits from their nation of employment. As India becomes a prominent player in the global market, international business between the United States and India has been setting new records each year.Last year, U.S.-India trade reached $107 billion, up from $60 billion in 2009. Profitable business between these two countries has never been more promising. But without a change in policy, neither country can realize the full benefits of economic partnership.

Josh used his research in 2008-2009 competition to propose a change in the status quo. This is what policy debaters are trained to do. They don’t “just argue”; they approach problems in the world with sound, researched, credible plans to change policy for the better.

Josh and Zack received personal coaching from one of my main authors, Vance Trefethen. “Coach Vance” commented on Josh’s article:

“That was one of my favorite cases I’ve ever written because there was so little decent neg argumentation against it. I still have the recording we did when you all were practicing for nationals. I used it as a model for ‘how to debate’ in the last edition of KEYS TO TEAM POLICY DEBATE — you all did a fantastic job with that case.”

I couldn’t be more proud of Josh for his work. He will most definitely make a wholehearted impact on the world of policy, as he is already doing at Harvard.