Debaters in Prison

Washington State University debate students went into Coyote Ridge Corrections Center and taught these prisoners parli debate. EVERY DEBATER I KNOW should watch and share this video and realize the power of the activity that they are trained.

“The walls that keep us out also keep people from coming in…Maybe breaking down those walls, allowing ideas to flow back and forth, not punishing them by denying their own humanity to be able to converse. Being tough on crime cannot just mean that we lock people away for 10, 20 or 30 years, it has to mean that we take responsibility for the fact that they are coming back to our communities.”

Click to visit Vimeo site.

Click to visit Vimeo site.

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  • Mickey

    Thank you for sharing this video! It’s hard not to be touch by the words shared by the prison debate club. The college debate team has definitely found an answer to the harsh question!