Early Season Addenda Now Available

They're ready for you to download for your first tournaments

I’ve arrived to the end of my publishing cycle for the year. All seven sourcebooks that Monument Publishing sells — the manuals written by champions students and coaches specifically tailored for speech and debate events — have all their content available. Let me explain how you get 100% of your material for your preparation.

All early season addenda are now available.

All early season addenda are now available.

By now, you should have the physical sourcebook. We have books for team-policy debate, Lincoln-Douglas debate, extemp, apologetics, interp and platform speaking — some specifically written for the league you are participating in. If you don’t have the sourcebook that coincides with your speaking event, click here for ordering information.

Inside the front cover of each book is a unique digital access code — a 10-digit code that gets you access to all sorts of extra material. This kicks off the following steps for you:

  1. Go to monumentpublishing.com/downloads.
  2. Open up a profile account, following the prompts as needed. (You may already have one from the year before.)
  3. There are a lot of free digital downloads, but the ones associated to your sourcebook are grayed out with “Enter your code” link next to the sourcebook.
  4. Enter the digital code that is affixed to the title page of this book. Access to your downloads will appear hyperlinked automatically in the downloads page.
  5. Whenever you need to download in the future, simply log in at monumentpublishing.com/downloads and access will be given.

It’s pretty simple, but if you run into trouble, there is a troubleshooting link in the toolbar to assist you (http://downloads.monumentpublishing.com/troubleshoot).

Once you have access to the digital files, you are able to download select pieces from your sourcebooks to better assist your speech and debate preparation. Every sourcebook has an Early Season Addendum that released October 1 — new cases, new briefs, new speeches and articles. For many of the sourcebooks, there is more in the digital addendum than there is in the physical book!

We’re proud of our materials, and very happy with the content put forth by the champion speakers and debaters we hire to pump them out. Blessings to your first competitions…they’ll be here before you know it!