Early Training = Later Success

I’m feeling awesome. The results of the last two tournaments of the year showed Training Minds Alumni securing the topmost awards. It gives way to an idea that I want you and your family to consider.

My kids won 1st place duo interpretation, a presentation of The Princess Bride, in San Diego over the weekend.

My kids won 1st place duo interpretation, a presentation of The Princess Bride, in San Diego over the weekend.

I’m proud to say that I’m an “evangelist” when it comes to speech and debate. Of course I am: I wrote the book and I’m the president of Training Minds, the organization that cleaned house last weekendI believe speech and debate is one of the best kept secrets out there. But you know what else? The camp I run is the best kept secret in the best kept secret! Allow me to explain.

First, real quickly, the results from last weekend….

  • San Diego 1st Sweepstakes, Lincoln-Douglas debate and speaks: Zack Seals
  • San Diego 1st Team-Policy Debate and speaks: Jonah Ortiz
  • San Diego 1st Apologetics (Zack Seals), 1st Duo (my kids, Lydia and Micah Jeub), and 1st Extemp (Jonah Ortiz)
  • South Dakota: 1st Team-Policy Debate: Megan McKinley and Reasey Rea
  • South Dakota: 1st Lincoln-Douglas Speaker: Brandon Yeates
  • South Dakota: 1st Apologetics (Cheyenne Ossen), 1st Duo (Samuel Lane and Danny Sargent), 1st Expos (Nathan Moyes), 1st Extemp and Impromptu (Brandon Yeates), 1st Humorous and Open Interp (Karlyn Leander), and 1st Persuasive (Sorrel Paris).

How cool is that? The coaches at Training Minds do happy dances when results like this come in. You want to know something? Results like this are consistent year-in and year-out. Seriously, we have a great thing going with Training Minds.

Here’s the big idea: Early Preparation = Later Success. I have a formula for making your success (or your kids success) a tremendous milestone to you and your family. Consider these three sub-ideas to your junior high and high school agenda:

  1. Speech & Debate Is It!
    Yeah, don’t roll your eyes. I believe the speech and debate market is ridiculously small compared to the tremendous benefits of the program. Seriously, the skills kids learn are second to none, and the opportunities they encounter set them up for life. I don’t have time to go into all of that here (that’s what my book is for), but suffice it to say, speech and debate is it!
  2. Speech & Debate Camp Sets You Up for Success
    The results speak for themselves (see above), and it makes sense. When you put forth the investment early in the year by coming together with other competitors to go through proper training for competition, it only makes logical sense that you will come out ahead in the end. We have a fantastic program in both San Diego and Virginia Beach that will establish a successful school year next year.
  3. Speech & Debate Results Matter
    Don’t be fooled into thinking your sports camp or other extracurricular activities are more important. Colleges and employers want young people who can think, speak and persuade. Scholarships and job opportunities are stacked up waiting for kids who have “trained minds for action.”

If you subscribe to this website, I have the introductory pages to Jeub’s Guide to Speech & Debate to read through. Whether you’re a student or a parent or an educator, you will find insight in these pages to make the most of this wonderful experience of speech and debate. And always feel free to connect with me if you have questions.

And hopefully I’ll see you at one of our camps! Check out more details at these links…