Enter With Humor

I just finished making the final edits on Bronze Book, a collection of 14 pieces written by champion interp and platform speakers from across the country. I’m telling ya, this group of kids are awesome.

Aaron Dykstra 1st Place

For someone who is just starting to get used to the idea of speech and debate, Bronze Book is likely the best book for them. (Well, perhaps a close second to my book Jeub’s Guide to Speech & Debate.) For the last four years I have asked champion speakers to pull together their thoughts of their speech competition. How they came up with their piece or topic, their trouble points, what they learned, and their advice to the next year of speakers.

This is the student’s opportunity to breathe a little life into the next generation of speakers. That could be you!

In fact, the 1st Place Humorous Interpretation Speaker at the National Invitational Tournament of Champions volunteered. He submitted his piece, the same piece he won nationals with, for publication. Aaron Dykstra from San Diego, pictured above. I selected his piece from the 14 to be our FREE sample for those interested in a taste of what speech — and particularly Bronze Book — is all about. Aaron does a fantastic job representing what it’s like developing a Humorous Interpretation Speech.

Here’s how you can download the FREE sample. You may read more about Bronze Book here.

How to Get Your Free Downloads

Monument Publishing has a technical online database where you are able to manage all your Monument Publishing digital files throughout the year. An account is free and is a handy connection to have as you prepare throughout your speech and debate season. When resources are ready, they are uploaded here. When you buy the resources, you are allowed access to the more valuable items associated to your purchases. Here’s how to get registered:

  1. Go to http://monumentpublishing.com/downloads.
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  3. Either (a) enter you information to open an account, or (b) log into your existing account.
  4. All our 2013 sourcebooks are listed. New downloads will be added throughout the summer.

Still in the making: free downloads from Gold and Silver Books, as well as the NCFCA versions of the debate sourcebooks. Watch for news about more free downloads. They will be uploaded at the Monument Publishing Downloads Database.