Environmental and Cultural Impacts of Large Families

Large families. Are they good or bad for the environment? I’ll be on Huff Post Live this morning at 11:30am Eastern to talk that idea out. Tune in here.

For an awesome family

My wife and I wrote about this in a couple of chapters in our latest book, Love Another ChildHere are some nuggets that I hope come up in the online discussion with a professor and another author…

  • Many large families actually have a smaller carbon footprint than a typical family with one or two kids.
  • It’s not the numbers that count; it’s the lifestyle.
  • Two or three kids fit in a bathtub at a time. The oven stays on 350 degrees for 45 minutes, no matter how big the meatloaf.
  • Most large families I know don’t live in energy-hogging gigantic mansions.
  • We happily trade a second income for another armful of babies. The quick and easy methods of saving the environment that make the news daily are hardly news to cash-strapped families.
  • Children of families that are open to life also know something much more important, something that rabidly utilitarian environmentalists still don’t seem to realize: A human soul is more than the sum of how many kilowatts he consumes.
  • Grown children of large families tend to be what you might call natural conservationists…A small crowd of perfect environmentalists.
  • Love your children, and teach them to love each other; and if you and your brood feel like a sign of contradiction, then that’s a good sign.
  • There is no contradiction between loving and caring for the earth and supplying it with inhabitants: We should do both.

Can you think of more? Or do you think large families are harming the earth? Would love to hear from you.

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  • Transporting a large family is less expensive per person than smaller families. And while the vehicles may be larger in themselves, many more people are transported than the usual “one truck for one man” approach on US roads.

    • A friend of mine said I should measure the impact of my vehicles MPP: Miles Per Person. I’d beat the yuppie in their hybrid any day! =)

  • Michelle Robinson

    Are you kidding? Large families are the backbone of the Nation. Large families are one of God’s gifts to the World!..I should know! I come from a family of thirteen!! It’s the best ever!

    • Thanks Michelle. And your family is awesome!