I work from my home office as a writer, publisher and entrepreneur. This page lists the events I’m committed to in the near future, plus gives you an idea of how I may be able to serve your community for your upcoming event.

Upcoming Events

What I Teach On

I speak to young adults, teenagers, homeschoolers, entrepreneurs, parents, educators, and even other public speakers. I run events and host online memberships for speakers and debaters (which I consider my main source of revenue), but occasionally will be invited to teach or speak on other subjects. Some of my more polished topics include:

  • Speech & Debate. I’m a forensics coach, a most successful one who has produced national champions in my 20 years of experience. I coordinate dozens of the country’s best authors to publish Monument Publishing speech and debate resources. I also coordinate a yearly debate camp in Monument Colorado through my nonprofit Training Minds Ministry.
  • Family. I have 16 children and believe greatly in the value of family life. I’m a deep believer in God’s calling for each person to love him and walk with him. This includes every aspect of life, especially life in the home. I speak with my wife, Wendy, on the themes of our book Love in the House.
  • Millennials. I ran a conference called the For Action Conference where millennials gathered for three days of practical encouragement to guiding them to do that which they love. Invite me in to speak to your group of young adults to inspire them to take on the brave challenges of the 21st century.
  • Business. I’ve been “taking care of business” – my own business – since 2004. Though I attained an MBA from Regis University in 2005, I consider myself a “solopreneur,” an entrepreneur who hires no employees, but operates a money-making business as if he has hundreds. I love to help others to do the same.

Sample Talks

  • Introduction to Debate Camp:

  • Setting Competitors Free:

  • Invitation to the National Invitational Tournament of Champions:

Would you like me to speak?

For public speaking, I require an honorarium, travel expenses, and vendor rights at your event. It’s difficult to give a definitive cost until we get to know your exact needs, but here is an outline on costs you can expect.

  • Honorarium. There will be a general cost for speaking. The length of speaking time, the duration of stay, and the timing of the event will all play into the amount required.
  • Offering. For nonprofit or charitable groups, an offering may be requested. Depending on the nature of the event, this may substitute for an honorarium.
  • Travel. As needed, hotel, flights, mileage, and car rental will either be billed to the host or an agreed amount will be determined ahead of time.

Contact me if you would like to inquire for a speaking engagement.